Written by Natalka Hansen

My current infatuation with the new Naledi shirting is a result of a long process. It started with looking for a basic white shirt for myself, and ended with creating it for Naledi Copenhagen (not the first time this happens).

Naledi Copenhagen Lara Shirt Natalka Hansen

You would think a basic white shirt should be something easy to find. And it is, if you are a man. It is definitely not, if you are a woman looking for the same type of shirt, just designed for a female body.

I looked and tried so many, but something was always wrong. The cotton is often too thin and not crispy enough. The cut too oversize, so you end up resembling a tent. Collar and cuffs too soft and floppy. Etc, etc. At the same time, just peek into any men’s wardrobe, and I absolutely bet you that his everyday "basic" dress shirt is better made then your very best dressy one... And it does not even have to be Zegna. Somehow the techniques and textiles, perfected by many generations and applied to mens shirting, just never transferred to the female side.

Lara White Shirt Naledi Copenhagen Natalka Hansen

To cut the long story short, we made our own “basic” dress shirt, for women, Lara. Make no mistake, there is nothing basic about the fabrics, methods or details used to construct this amazing shirt. Similar to the best mens shirts, ours are tailored in a luxury atelier using exclusive fabrics. The result is the iconic item of mens wardrobe, perfectly redesigned by women for women.

Lara White Shirt Naledi Copenhagen Natalka Hansen

If things like exceptional construction, fine fabric, perfect collars and Vs are your thing, then I’m sure you’ll love Lara as much as I do. 

At this time Lara is available only on preorder. Our first drop is expected in just about 3 weeks. Lara will be sold exclusively via By eliminating store markups, we are passing on the saving to you, so you can get this extraordinary quality, luxury tailored shirt at the price of a regular mass-produced item. 

Last but not least, I am so proud of this shirt and the total absense of any kind of compromise taken in connection with its design and production. This is a beautiful, timeless piece, made in a beautiful and considerate way, by people who are true craftsmen. Enjoy it.

x Natalka

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