Ostrich Leather Guide

Ostrich Leather Guide

Congratulations on your new Naledi Copenhagen product, made in genuine ostrich leather, 100% farmed in South Africa. Ostrich leather is a unique and precious leather, which with due care will last for generations and age beautifully. Naledi Copenhagen uses highest quality ostrich leather, which is coloured with gentle transparent dyes, allowing you to see the real natural surface grain and marking. These leathers have very little protective treatments, thus it is very important to treat your purchase with the respect and care it deserves, and follow the maintenance instructions.

Ostrich leg leather (scaly textured leather) must be kept away from water and liquids, which may leave permanent water marks. Spraying the product with a good quality scotch guard makes it more water-repellent, but not water-resistant, as well as causes slight darkening of colour. Products must be wiped regularly with a soft dry cloth. Never use chemicals other than scotch guard, and always test on a small area before applying to the whole product, as well as allow the product to dry thoroughly before use.

Please note: It is perfectly normal for ostrich leg leather to feature small natural marks such as wrinkles, scratches, kiss marks or veins. These are usually found in the small scales area, but sometimes also around the large scales. This is a natural feature of the leather and it is in no way considered to be an imperfection, but rather a unique characteristic of each skin. Further, it is perfectly normal for the large scales to part somewhat from the surface of the leather. This adds to the distinct “reptilian” look of the leather. The scales are firmly attached to the leather on the top part of the scales and will NOT fall off.

Each ostrich leg product will feature the natural marks and parting scales to some extent. This cannot be avoided and will under no circumstances constitute grounds for considering the product faulty or rejecting the product. 

Naledi Copenhagen uses three types of ostrich leg leather: brushed, glazed and metallic. Brushed ostrich leg leather has texture similar to suede (but considerably stronger). It becomes smoother and develops subtle “worn in” shine with use. Glazed ostrich leg leather becomes less shiny with age.  It may develop small cracks on the surface of the scales which is completely normal and adds more character and uniqueness to each product. Metallic ostrich leg leather has a thin metal foil finish applied to the surface of the skin. This finish is delicate. Avoid excessive rubbing of products made in metallic finishes as this will result in colour fading and rubbing off.

Ostrich quill leather (polka-dot textured leather) has a very high concentration of natural oils which makes it extremely durable (more so than crocodile or snake leather and 5-6 times more than cow leather). It will become increasingly softer with use and acquire a subtle shine. It should be cleaned often with a very slightly damp soft cloth, and sprayed with a good quality scotch guard.

Never use any cleaning chemicals on ostrich quill leather. 

When liquid/water is spilled, wipe immediately with a cloth.  Remember that scotch guard will only make leather water-repellent and not water resistant, thus it is important to wipe off the liquid promptly.  Clean water should not leave any marks when completely dried, but liquid spills might leave a mark. Oil stains should be sprinkled immediately with talcum powder. Allow to stand, and then brush off excess.

Please note: Ink and direct heat will permanently mark the leather. Be careful carrying pens in your ostrich handbag, as ink may leak through the lining and leave a permanent mark on the leather.  

 Do not leave your ostrich bag in the vicinity of sources of strong heat and light. Light, natural and artificial, may cause natural fading in both types of ostrich leather. When not in use, store the products in the protective dust bag or a box. This will also protect it against dust.

While displaying products in store, please do NOT point spot lights at the ostrich products and do NOT display in the windows exposed to strong sunlight as this may cause permanent discolouration.

If in doubt, send us a mail at info@naledibags.com.

Enjoy your purchase!